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Career Planning is the new currency

To provide an outlet of opportunities for individuals that need career management development. Our goal is to provide assistance and direction to individuals that desire "a one size fits one" approach.

We live in the land of opportunity. Experience, education and planning early on helps you stand out in a field of other applicants vying for the same roles.

Society doesn’t teach us to create strategies and plans that assist in lining up your professional worth.

The right opportunity can turn into the right career based on your existing skillset along with transferrable skills.

When you can shift the balance of an individual having a career and not just a job the fruit of that labor can be felt within your immediate family and beyond.

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Areas of Practice

Career Coaching

We ensure that our clients have a plan around how they will execute their career goals. We ensure that you have a realistic strategy as well as providing you with guidance on filling in the gaps that could create impediments for you in the future.


Negotiating your salary is just as important as getting the job of your dreams. We can provide you with proven strategies of how to negotiate your salary from the beginning as well as in performance reviews throughout your career.

RESUME CREATION and resume modification

We are committed to our areas of service and go the extra mile to ensure that our clients get proven results based on our work together. Your resume will not be a "canned" or "template-driven" resume. Each client is unique and you will be treated as such. Our goal is to be your "Go-To" resume writers and build a relationship that will as your career blossoms. Resumes are based on tangible work experiences that are meaningful to employers that showcase your talent.


Our consulting company offers an individualized current and future state career assessment to ensure that you have clear understanding of the roles that should be listed on your resume to ensure that you are marketing yourself appropriately to future employers.


The goal of preparing you in a mock interview is for you to have the confidence to exceed expectations regardless of what is presented to you by a prospective employer. We help to ensure that you can navigate through the expectations of the job description and give you tools to navigate the questions in a very intentional way during the interview process.

Additional A’La Carte OFFERINGS

We offer a host of additional services such as how to effectively communicate what you have to offer to an employer, based on the stage you are in within your current career. We provide this guidance to individuals or groups. Our career services can even be provided to organizations that support individuals transitioning back into the work force.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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